Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cannonball - Day 1

July 5th, 2017

Fernandina Beach, FL to Anderson, SC (335 Miles)

We finally get to start!

Up before the crack of dawn.  It didm't take long to load up since we spent more of yesterday packing everything up again.  We are all really excited.  Frank more than most.  He is bouncy and ready to to.  We roll out of the hotel parking lot at about 5:45 heading over the meet the rest of the Cannonballers at the starting line.  One the first day, the take the pictures, say a few last words, and at 7am, we are out thundering down the road!  Well, maybe not thunder.  But at least the two strokes smoke.

We did get split in traffic today.  Marty went ahead with Bob (BigKart - the white Helix), Frank hung with me, and Mike was back with Steve Hess (Riding a Honda Reflex).  This would be the configuration all day.

Frank and I did real well.  Only two small missteps.  One at Checkpoint 2 (there was no sign for the road we needed to take a picture of), and one in Aionia, GA (which only cost us about 6 minutes).

North Georgia in Aonia:

And some rough tar in South Carolina:

We pulled into the last checkpoint and saw very few scooters.  The white Helix was there, but no Marty.  We checked in and waited for Mike and Steve.  They were about 50 minutes behind us.  Marty was about 90 minutes behind them.

and day one was done:

Tomorrow, Cannonball Day 2.

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